Thursday, February 9, 2012


SH/E meeting!
UMD Sexual Health Educators (S/HE)
This is a group of students that provide presentations on healthy relationships and sexual health to classrooms and housing units on campus.

Group Advisor
  • Dori Decker
    • Health Services health educator 
Benefits of Joining
  • Sexual Health knowledge 
  • Sexual Health Education Knowledge
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Network with students and local agencies concerning sexual health
  • Strengthen Resume 
  • Learn from professionals. 
  • FUN!
Want to Join? 
  • Contact Dori Decker 

Next Presentation
  • 5 Languages of Love
    • When: Feb 13th 1-3pm 
    • Where: Library Rotunda (4th floor)
    • Who: For UMD students
    • Provided by: UMD Counseling Services
Future Projects 
To be continued

Request A SH/E Presentation

What majors/minors apply?
  • Open to all majors and minors
Spring 2012 Members 
  • Mel Alvar
  • Brook Martell
  • Michelle Sones
  • Kristin Gates
  • Dana Krizak 
  • Angela Sheets

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