Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hey gang!

This is going to be a introduction to explain what is coming in further posts for the rest of the semester! 

Ok, so all of us are either students  or staff of UMD. For us students, do we really know how much is available on campus to help us with our health? There are many services that we already pay for in tuition so we can have access to keeping up our health. 

It's easy to show up to classes, work on homework, talk to teacher, and go home. But when we start feeling like crap, do we know where to reach out for help on campus? Here's some options which i'll go into depth later on: 

4. Rafters/Ballroom (Spiritual worship groups, health fairs, networking) 

5. UMD Bulletin Board Postings  (get you the info about what's going on)


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