Thursday, January 19, 2012

Introduction Post


This posting category will be about ways students will be able to get involved. More specifically, by getting involved includes something in that will help you graduate with the experience you need.  

There are plenty of organizations/work sites that are willing to trade their years of wisdom and work experience for our the help that our fresh young minds can offer. 

These student opportunities will pertain more to the topic of health and health education. 


Here's assessment questions for yourself to answer to see if you may need to pay attention to the "Student Opportunities post category." 

Do you know exactly what occupation you want when you graduate? 
Are you looking for internships?
Are you looking for paid internships?
Are you somewhat fearful of getting a grown up job? 
Do you feel the need to develop skills among the 7 Health Education Responsibilities? 
Do you feel like your resume could use some extra experience to give you that differential advantage to get hired? 
Would you like to strengthen the skills you already have? 
Are you bored? 
Would you like to make a difference in Community Health and Health education? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, stay tuned for the "Student Opportunities" category label. 

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