Tuesday, January 31, 2012

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Essentia Health Patient Education

Essentia Health Patient Education

Job Description

This job is not directly associated with patients. Click the link, "Patient Education Description" above to get a brief description. 
Postition was posted Jan. 25th

Job Search Link

Sharon Lund
Patient Education Specialist
Essentia Health Clinical Education MCL 310
502 East 2nd Street
Duluth, MN 55805

EVENT: Superior, WI Mariner Mall Health Fair

30th Annual Mariner Mall Community Health Expo
Vendors will be in this hallway
  •  Sat. Feb. 4th 
  • 10am-3pm
  • Get your cholesterol, bone density, glucose screening by the UMD pharmacy students!
  • Body Fat testing-Anytime fitness 
  • Health Screenings-Lake Superior Chiropractic
  • See demos for adaptive aids for visually impared-Head of the Lakes Organ Transplant
  • Network with vendors 
  • Seek potential job opportunities
  • Bergquist Chiropractors 
  • VA Medical Center OFF/OIF Programs 
  • Circle of Hope
  • St. Francis in the Park
  • Food Service Market Place
  • D.C. Health and Human Services 
  • Shrine Hospital
  • Alzheimer's Association
  • Human Development Center
  • Office for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Head of the Lakes Organ Transplant
  • Lake Superior Chiropractic 
  • UMD College of Pharmacy 
  • Overeaters Anonymous
  • Northern Waters Parish Nurse 
  • NW WI Lead Free Task Force
  • Lighthouse of Superior 
  • Essentia Health 
  • Anytime Fitness 
  • Golden Living Center
  • North Country Ind. Living 
  • Walmart Vision Center 
  • Foster Grandparents 
  • NWCSA-Memory Lane 
  • Harbor Centers 
  • Senior Connections
  • Alpine Medical Alert. Inc. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

WELLNESS IN ACTION: Jan 30th-4th schedule

What is Wellness in action? 

The purpose of this group is to provide a supportive environment for people to be physically active.  Whether you can come one day each week or every day each week, we would love to have you participate!  We will meet at the RSOP welcome desk at 4:10 (after Methods).  In order to participate in group fitness classes (Zumba, kickboxing, etc.) you will need to purchase a Group Fitness Pass in SpHC 153, the cost is $50 for the semester.  Other activities such as weights, cardio and track workouts are free to full time students.  

Dates/times of group fitness
MondayTuesday                            WednesdayThursday
4:15-5:00Weights/Upper BodyKickboxing/Cardio/Track Weights/Lower BodyTBD


Thursday, January 26, 2012

ETA SIGMA GAMMA: What is it?

Eta Sigma Gamma

  • Main page webpage

What is Eta Sigma Gamma? 

  • This is a health honorary society who's mission is to "promote of the discipline by elevating the standards, ideals, competence and ethics of professionally prepared men and women in Health Education." The goal is further develop our skills and experience as a student and future health educator. 

Joining Requirements

  • All health majors and minors

Past Activities: 

  • Initiation dinner (fun laid back event to welcome new members) 
  • Participation of community events such as:
    • Jingle Bell Run (arthritis foundation)
    •  Polar Bear Plunge (Special Olympics)
    •  Table at UMD Health Fair
    •  Diabetes Walk
    •  Relay for Life Walk
    • Highway cleanup 

Member Advantages

  • Meet people in your degree, make friendships, and network with other students
  • Build your resume/ portfolio 
  • Have an excuse to go have some fun in the community
  • Practice the 7 responsibilities of health education
  • Have fun and make memories 
It's laid back and there is no requirement amount for participation (however you get what you put into it) 

Check out the pictures! 

Additional Opportunities
(if requested) 
  • Host workshops on: e-portfolio, resume/ portfolio organization, interviewing for health education jobs
  • Participate in new community events as long as they are pertaining to health education and the 7  health education responsibilities
Extra/ Other

The first meeting is this Wednesday at 4pm in the SPHC 2nd floor. The room is to be determined. 

                Please feel free to leave questions or comments! 
                                         Questions and comments will be censored if necessary            


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SCHOLARSHIPS: Two available for Health Education Majors

Health Education Major Scholarships

  • provided by the College of Education and Human Service Professions 

Two available

  1. Bohannon Merit Scholarship
  2. Jerry and Louise Chernagoy Scholarship 

  • The only way you can be considered for these is to submit a completed application form. Click the title "application" above to receive the application
  • DUE DATE-February 15, 2012
  • Submit a complete application packet to Kori Kromm (see web page for details) 

Bohannon Merit Scholarship

  • This scholarship is awarded to students entering their senior year with majors in the College of Education and Human Service Professions. Selection is based on:
    • Cumulative GPA
    • Performance in Extra-Curricular Activities (service or professional)
    • Performance in community involvements 
    • favorable work experiences 
  • Financial need is not a factor.

Jerry and Louise Chernagoy Scholarship

  • This scholarship is awarded based on:
    • Full time Junior Health Education Student with a GPA of 3.0 or better with financial need (as defined by UMD's Financial Aid office) 

  • Information from: 
    • Dr. Georgia Lynn Keeney
    • Associate Professor and Coordinator of Health Education Degree Programs
    • Dept. of HPER110 Sports and Health Center UMD
    • 218-726-7521

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Introduction post

Have you ever tried to find a classmate to get help or share some news with them, but you can't find any contact info for them? If you're like many who don't remember names full and last, it can be frustrating to reach the person you need.

If you would like to leave your contact info on this blog you could help not just other people, but help yourself. If you've take HLTH 4000 with Dr. Tornabene, you may know the power of networking!

Leave your contact info for us and we'll post what you're comfortable with!

Suggestions for what you leave as contact info: 

Name: Full and Last
E-mail: school e-mail and/or e-mail which another can find you through Facebook.
Phone number: Post this at your own discretion

Introduction Post


This posting category will be about ways students will be able to get involved. More specifically, by getting involved includes something in that will help you graduate with the experience you need.  

There are plenty of organizations/work sites that are willing to trade their years of wisdom and work experience for our the help that our fresh young minds can offer. 

These student opportunities will pertain more to the topic of health and health education. 


Here's assessment questions for yourself to answer to see if you may need to pay attention to the "Student Opportunities post category." 

Do you know exactly what occupation you want when you graduate? 
Are you looking for internships?
Are you looking for paid internships?
Are you somewhat fearful of getting a grown up job? 
Do you feel the need to develop skills among the 7 Health Education Responsibilities? 
Do you feel like your resume could use some extra experience to give you that differential advantage to get hired? 
Would you like to strengthen the skills you already have? 
Are you bored? 
Would you like to make a difference in Community Health and Health education? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, stay tuned for the "Student Opportunities" category label. 

Eating Disorders

This week is the Annual Body Image and Eating Disorders Awareness Week 
  • Sponsored by UMD Health Services 
General Resources 
What is an Eating Disorder? 
Eating Disorder Assesment Tools
Who does eating disorders affect? 
Medical Complications
Friends/Family/ Professional Resources


Hey gang!

This is going to be a introduction to explain what is coming in further posts for the rest of the semester! 

Ok, so all of us are either students  or staff of UMD. For us students, do we really know how much is available on campus to help us with our health? There are many services that we already pay for in tuition so we can have access to keeping up our health. 

It's easy to show up to classes, work on homework, talk to teacher, and go home. But when we start feeling like crap, do we know where to reach out for help on campus? Here's some options which i'll go into depth later on: 

4. Rafters/Ballroom (Spiritual worship groups, health fairs, networking) 

5. UMD Bulletin Board Postings  (get you the info about what's going on)




Do you want to check out some community events such as health fairs, non-profit walks/runs, or network to find a future job? Maybe you want to find some fun things going on (pertaining to health) in the community to gain back your sanity from school. What ever the cause is the posts in the Community Events Label will give you some ideas about what you can get involved in or join just for fun.

Upcoming events: (this will also be updated as I find more events)

Polar Bear Plunge! on Feb 18th
Duluth Running Co. Marathon and half marathon spring training group  on Feb 16
Relay for Life walk on Apr 20th
Womens Expo on March 3rd

I'll be back to update this post and make it look a little prettier! Thanks!